About Us

We are Cloudibility

Cloudibility was founded in 2017 by Michael Dombek and Karsten Samaschke. We consult and support in conceptualization, creation, and utilizing cloud-based applications. We understand ourselves to be at peak of cloudification. Our aim and claim are to advise our customers the best possible way, to guide them through challenges and radical changes implied by the cloud revolution and to be technologically as well as procedurally up to date all the time. We act independently of providers and platforms. We have a deep and profound knowledge in regards to infrastructures, cloud-native applications, operational processes and -automation as well as Agile and DevOps. We offer enablements, workshops, and coachings to our customers and partners. Additionally, we operate IaaS- and PaaS-environments based on OpenStack, OpenShift, and Kubernetes. We are driven by the highest quality demands to ourselves, we offer exciting challenges in cloud environments and interesting customers and partners. We value and appreciate diversity and tolerance, and always strive for the best in technology, processes, and culture – not only to our customers but also to ourselves. 

We shape Clouds! We are Cloudibility!


Our Management Board:

Michael Dombek  CTO for DevOps and Ops

Karsten Samaschke CEO for Dev and DevOps

Claudia Dombek Head of Office

Our Assistants are:

Nicole Ratsch Assistant to the Management

Linda Kräter Sales-Assistant

Our Technical Team:

Kim-Norman Sahm Head of Cloud Technology

Pradeep Verma Operations Manager India

Anna Filipiak DevOps Team Lead Alexander Trost DevOps Engineer Chris Senior Security Engineer Sven Anderson DevOps Manager Pratibha Deepti DevOps Engineer Vaishali Jain DevOps Engineer Rahul RoyJunior DevOps Engineer 


Our Sales Team:

Julia Hahn Head of Sales

Emelie Gustafsson  Sales Managerin

Our Consulting Team:

Felix Evert Head of Consulting

Training & Coaching

Maria Bauer Head of Coaching and Counseling

Our HR Team is:

Thomas „Tom“ Barbay

Telefon: 0170 / 726 11 26
Mail: tom@cloudibility.io

Our Publishing and Public Relations Team:

Friederike Zelke  Head of Publishing and Public Relations

Stefan Klose Onlineredakteur und Social Media Manager